questions and answers

Have you always lived in Southern California? 
I was born in Yorba Linda, California (North Orange County) and moved to a small town outside Boise, Idaho when in the 4th grade. I went through all my schooling in Idaho, including my bachelor's degree. I then moved back to Orange County, and currently live in Irvine. 

Why is your blog called Industry No.2? 
This name was chosen because I have a love for both fashion and architecture (and writing about them). Directly out of college I began working in the architectural industry, and enjoyed every minute of it, although I still had this love for fashion. So I called fashion my other industry... or my industry number two. I really do like both industries equally, as well as all journalism on the subjects, and those subjects relating to them.

Who are you married to? 
I am married to the most generous and caring man I've ever known. Luis is an architect with incredible work ethic and talent.  He grew up in Mexico City. We have a daughter, Elle, who is 3. She is an absolute joy. 

What is your educational background? 
I went to undergraduate school for Business Administration and Marketing. I then went on and studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I have taken some architectural courses, such as History of Architecture and Revit.  (I am longing to get my Master's Degree).

What do you do for a living? 
While studying fashion I worked at J.Crew and worked on their window and store displays.  After graduating, I went straight into working for an architecture firm. I mostly worked in the design department. I loved it. I thrived and learned something every day. I could work until midnight and not mind one bit. After this job, I worked for a short while in fashion in the garment district in downtown Los Angeles. I currently work for our family business and also work on this blog.