Monday, August 13, 2012


I came across these pictures of this flat in Barcelona the other day. Isn't it pretty?

The project is called Crush Alba. The architect is Gus Wustemann and the photographer is Bruno Helbling. It was featured on Archdaily in this post. 
Crusch Alba is located in the center of the historical part of Barcelona in the Gotico area. According to the article, the trick was that there is not a lot of natural sunlight in the building, as sunlight and heat were of nuisance in the time these buildings were built (no air conditioning). To solve this, the architects made a white cross-shaped volume through the center of the home. This brightens up the space. The white volume (the girl is standing in it in the picture above) becomes the "new" space, while the other space the "old", which still has layers upon layers of exposed original elements, such as raw and stone and painted ceilings (only varnish was used).
'Program free' architecture was used throughout this project, and it is explained how it was used for Crusch Alba on their website, here.
I just love the mix of old and new in this project. Instead of making an effort to modernize the space by making it look new, the historical relevance of this building was embraced and made  even more beautiful and functional.
 The architect of this project is Gus Wustemann, and all pictures were taken by Bruno Helbling.Thank you for allowing me to use these photos and show this project.


  1. stunning! wishing I lived in something that pretty.

  2. For such a sleek house, it is super warm and inviting!