Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Before beginning Industry No.2, I thought long and hard about whether or not I should I create a blog. There are pros and cons to all projects, businesses, and adventures that we begin, and I thought I would share a few thoughts on blogging with you here:

Creating a blog takes creativity, commitment, and passion. These are all things that I have and want to pour into a business.

Blogging can lead to endless other possibilities. Creating a successful blog creates a platform. It can lead to collaborations with other talented people in the industry. It could be a step to a new job possibility that has yet to even be imagined.

Because you never know what can happen. It might just turn out to be the rewarding and adventurous experience I hope it will be.
I am so glad that blogging has become what it has today. I am also excited to see what becomes of it in the future. It is an industry that is constantly expanding, growing, and refining itself. That being said, as much as I love it, here a few reasons that make me a bit nervous to start a blog...

There are a lot of other blogs out there. How can one stand out in the crowd? This will take a lot of research and refining as time goes on. (It's a good thing I like researching).

Blogging is time consuming and takes away from other things. Creating a blog worth reading takes A LOT of time. It takes time away from family, friends, or other work possibilities.

Blogging has an interesting meaning in today's society. Many people don't take it seriously. As with any new industry, the way people view it is changing. (This is an interesting article on the idea of blogging).

There are scarifies to be made to create anything worthwhile. In the case of beginning this blog, I am very excited about all the possibilities that may become of it, and I know that even though it might be a bit daunting and unknown, the future is exciting. I can't wait to see what will be become of Industry No.2.

What are your thoughts on blogging? 

(The pictures above were taken by my very talented cousin Megan. We compiled these pictures a while back when talking about starting this blog. The pictures are of a dress that I bought in Barcelona on my honeymoon (I still wear it and love it). The drawings are of my parent's house, designed by my uncle Paul, who is an architect, among other things). 


  1. Hey just thought I'd say, I recently started a blog too and I totally agree. But also, even if no one else does, I read it. And I can't wait to see where this goes!

    1. Thank you Parrish! It's exciting to see where it might take us... with your blog as well.