Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Isn't this a beautiful photo? It was taken by Lee Brown, although I found it on thedailymuseblog.

Luis and I both have jobs here in California, and our family is in California, so moving seems a tad unrealistic at this point. However, we actually talk about moving to Europe someday. I think it would be amazing! We would like to move to Spain so that our kid(s) would learn Spanish fluently (And I would finally learn it as well). Also, I love the idea that for a weekend we could simply hop on a plane and be in a different country within a matter of hours.

Lately, however, I am dreaming of moving to New York. To either Manhattan or Brooklyn. I do realize how entirely different those two places are to live, but really both sound amazing. I think Manhattan for the idea of it, but Brooklyn because it seems more practical and calm for Elle, yet still close enough to the city.

Another photo of a Brooklyn townhouse. Photo from Brooklyn Home Company, by Emily Gilbert. Joanna from A Cup of Jo wrote more about this home here, and it was on her post that I found this picture. (I just love A Cup of Jo)!

I have learned that moving can be so difficult, especially when your friends and family are not nearby. However, I do think it is great to be able to experience more than one place and I am happy that I moved as a kid. That being said, I tend to get really attached to people and places where I live (who doesn't?) and don't necessarily want to move over and over. If you had to chose between Europe and New York to live...say for at least 2-3 years, where would you chose?

PS: I really enjoyed this post from on condos vs. brownstone buildings in New York.

PPS: This is one of my favorite New York real estate stories. It was featured in New York Magazine, and I also read about it on this post. 

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