Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Distrito Capital, Mexico City

Typically I don't read "company" blogs. Instead, I stick to more personal ones; blogs that are the main entity, not a secondary addition to the product. (you know)? But not always. Yesterday I came across this blog from Everlane after learning about the company on A Cup of Jo post. The Everlane Blog posts are interesting, if not random, containing info-graphics and topics throughout the week. They also post 'wishes for the weekend' and display interesting architectural photography (such as the one above). I like their editorial eye for these pieces, and also their sense of simplicity and modernism that coincides with their apparel and accessories. I can actually see someone wearing one of their t-shirts in the spaces that they post. 

So what is Everlane? It is a new company that strives to deliver a high-end product at a low price by cutting out the middle men and by selling online. I have yet to purchase one of their tees, but am thinking to do so soon (they are only $15). They really do look amazing.

[The only deterrent that I see is that you must sign is as a member (which is free). Before I thought about doing this blog post, I actually wrote them to ask why they made it a 'member' site. They responded by saying that at the beginning it was a way of managing inventory, so as to not run out too quickly. They also mentioned that they may do away with it in the future, but for now it seems to be beneficial].

A fashion company with an appreciation for architecture and a well-defined space? I like it. Have you tried their shirts? Accessories? Would you recommend them?

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