Thursday, August 23, 2012


The peter pan collar is showing up often in the fall/winter collections. I've noticed that the models wearing it often have slightly tousled hair, or some other unexpected look so as not to seem too polished or sweet. (This messy side ponytail would be very cute with this collar). Notice the H&M model...she has such dark eyes and eyebrows with light hair. It offsets the innocence of the collar.

Do you wear peter pan collars? For some reason it seems to take the right person to pull it off, and I rarely find myself wearing one, although I always like them on others. I think I tend to wear collars that are more open, or shirts that are v-neck, while the peter pan collars are usually a higher cut. I do, however, find them to be adorable.
Alexa Chung in a peter pan collar I a love is blind


  1. I'm still torn on this one. i like it on some outfits, but not on others.

    1. I agree. A peter pan collar has to be on just the right outfit.